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Who We Are

A leading washi tape manufacturer for over 15 years, we provide striking washi tapes in various types, whether printed, foil, flitter, die-cut, stamp, printed clear, or foil clear tapes. Equipped with the latest machinery, our factory’s powerful manufacturing capability allows us to satisfy all your OEM requirements. You can count on us to bring your brand’s ideas to life, with our responsive experts guiding you through the process.

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More than a Washi Tape Manufacturer

Momo Washi, specializing in washi tape, is one of the brands of Dongguan Jiarui Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.

Apart from washi tapes, Jiarui’s business includes stickers, labels, puzzles, cards, enclosures, and many other exquisite stationeries. Dedicated to paper products and stationery for more than 15 years, Jiarui has built up long-term partnerships with Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Chanel, and many others. Looking forward, we hope that Momo Washi will be the benchmark of the washi tape industry.

Our Mission

To cultivate a greater appreciation for washi tapes, we develop creative craftsmanship that diversity our product range. In meeting this goal, we streamline manufacturing processes to provide matchless quality products and one-stop-shop services. Every effort to ease your concerns helps in boosting your brand’s reputation in the market.

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Our Commitments

We are committed to innovating the craftsmanship of uniquely-designed washi tapes to serve a variety of applications.

Customer Orientation

Looking deeply into our customers' demands and competing with the current trends to develop up-to-date products.

Quality Consciousness

From material inspection to testing, we make quality our top quality as we offer only washi tapes that meet high industry requirements.


Learning from industry trends, we channel our passion and creativity through distinctive designs that demonstrate limitless possibilities for washi tapes.

Mutual Respect

We value all partnerships with our clients, respecting their preferences and integrating their ideas into designing their ideal products.

Our Footprints on the Way to Washi Tape


Founded in 2009, Momo Washi began producing washi tapes and stickers, utilizing CMYK printing machines and cutting machines to produce CMYK printed products.


In expanding the range of Washi tapes and stickers crafts to meet market growth, we added new crafts like printed puzzles, memo pads, and postcards.


Engaging in fully independent production, we acquired complete production lines for various products, along with making OEM & ODM services available.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped customers in various countries start their businesses. We also met increasing demand, optimizing our productivity by expanding our production lines.

Looking Forward

We are continuing forward…

Looking Forward

Our Sustainable Industrial Practices

A key part of our corporate culture is the focus on sustainability to protect the environment and help you ensure your customers’ safety. In an effort to reduce pollution, we use eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable, reusable washi paper, adhesive, and ink that are free of any harmful substances and tested for their safety to use.


An Energetic and Creative Team Behind You

Talented staff members are behind you to realize your brand’s vision and create dynamic washi tapes that appeal to your market’s preferences.

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