Printed Washi Tape

Wax Seal Stamp at Competitive Prices

This wax seal stamp is the perfect choice for any project. It is crafted with high precision and a short lead time, so you can get it quickly. The Low MOQ means you don’t need to order in bulk, and the obvious bulge makes it easy to identify. The hard material ensures the seal will last for years, making it an ideal choice for sealing letters, documents, and more. Get your wax seal stamp today for a perfect finish to any project.

wax seal stamp

Distinctive Printed Washi Tapes Make You Stand out

With the features and qualities of our printed washi tapes detailed below, you can see how they appeal to your target audience. 

High Quality Printing

Through the use of CMYK printing that mixes four-color print colors, we can achieve vibrant colors without any noise or grain on your printed washi tapes.

Seamless Craft

Advanced craftsmanship and printing contribute to quality printed washi tapes, featuring a flat and smooth surface and seamless patterns.

Easy Stick & Easily Tearing

The special adhesive formula makes our printed washi tapes easily stick to the most surface while the material makes our tape easy to tear by hand.

Wide Applications

From scrapbook decorations, planners journals, cards, and picture books, printed washi tapes have a wide range of uses.

Why Choose us

Reasonable Prices offer significant Cost Savings

A key part of our corporate culture is the focus on sustainability to protect the environment and help you ensure your customers’ safety. In an effort to reduce pollution, we use eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable, reusable washi paper, adhesive, and ink that are free of any harmful substances and tested for their safety to use.

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