Scodix Raised Foil Tapes

Eye-Catching Scodix Raised Foil Tapes

Made of premium PET film, our Scodix raised foil tapes come with a glossy texture and customized design fit for your needs. Our tapes go through a hot stamping process to highly accentuate the printed patterns on the tape surface, bringing out their clear printed colors.

Through advanced production, we provide delicate foil clear tapes at competitive prices. Call us today to learn more about our custom foil clear tapes.


Distinctive Scodix Raised Foil Tapes Make You Standout

A clear surface and strong structure make our foil clear tapes widely used for decorating items within long periods.

Glossy Effect

Looking particularly pleasing under sunlight, our washi tapes are made with a transparent material with a clear, reflective effect to surely catch your customers’ eyes.

Various Foil Colors

You can choose from our selections of more than 100 different foil colors, including gold, rose gold, silver and many others.

Excellent Stability

Our washi tapes maintain chemical stability and durability, withstanding abrasion and high temperature while maintaining lasting color and overall quality.


Due to our finest craftsmanship, moisture barely has any effect on the adhesive capabilities, making it stick to surfaces longer.

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We are a full-service product partner that provides fast and responsive consultation to provide you with custom-made solutions tailored to your market. Along with considerate and value-added after-sales services, we offer invaluable expert advice to boost your business.

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