Reliable Manufacturing Processes

Scientific production management and lean manufacturing process ensure a streamlined production of premium washi tapes. 

cmyk printing machine

01 Printing

Utilizing advanced CMYK, digital or Pantone printing machines to efficiently complete the printing of the patterns in high precision and color accuracy.

foil printing machine

02 Foil Printing

The bronzing patterns are created on the washi tape by hot stamping and cold stamping machines.


03 Varnishing

Adding a layer of varnish or matte oil on the surface of the washi tape to protect the printed patterns and make them look glossy and upscale. 

die cutting

04 Die Cutting

Washi paper is cut into various shapes precisely and efficiently by die-cutting machines.


05 Rewinding

After printing, varnishing, and cutting, washi paper will be rolled up in a specific length, which is convenient for the following slitting.

cutting machine

06 Slitting

  1. Each roll of printed tapes will be slitting into a smaller roll in customized width.
final inspection

07 Final Inspections

All the finished tapes are 100% inspected for compliance with your specifications and requirements before they’re packed up.


08 Packaging

After final inspections, all the finished washi tapes will be packed into different customized packages to be shipped.

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