Stamp Washi Tape

Stamp Washi Tapes to Impress Your Customers

Choose our trend-setting stamp washi tapes with sleek appearances that can decorate any item and be easily torn off.

As a die-cut washi tape, our stamp washi tapes come with a constant size through a tungsten die cut mold to give our tapes the right shapes and cuts. Using high-end machinery, we produce large volumes of stamp washi tapes quickly to meet market demand. Low minimum order at 100 rolls. Contact us today!

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Distinctive Stamp Washi Tapes Make You Standout

Attract markets with our diverse stamp washi tapes that are produced at large volumes at affordable costs for your end.

High Color Accuracy

Through our advanced production lines, we make sure every washi tape comes with more accurate colors and clearer graphics.

Thickening Washi Paper

Our washi paper is thickened through our techniques, resulting in better finishes that maintain its stamp-like appearance for longer periods.

Stamp-Shaped Design

Due to their appearance, our stamp washi tapes come with innovative designs that express brand identity and can be conveniently torn off like stamps.

Economical Prices

We use the same cutting mold to produce as much of the same type of tapes as possible, lowering your costs every time.

Why Choose us

High Level Industry Professionalism

Over 15 years of professional washi tape manufacturing has garnered us the trust of various retailers worldwide. Investing in R&D and quality machinery, we boast a more efficient production that is scientifically managed to produce washi tapes within a shorter lead time than competitors. Talk to our experts for custom solutions that suit your market.

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