Die Cut Washi Tape

Die Cut Washi Tapes in Novel Designs

The versatile usage of die-cut washi tapes for scrapbooking, DIY crafts, journals, card making, and other applications makes them suitable for various markets. 

Momo Washi is your trusted die-cut washi tape manufacturer who has the skills and experience in creating artistic and decorative washi tapes. By working with us, Momo Washi can deliver high-quality die-cut washi tapes with varying shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. We can keep the die cut mold for you for half a year free of charge, and thus provide favorable prices if you re-order the previous design within half a year.

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Distinctive Die Cut Washi Tapes Make You Standout

We provide cost-effective die-cut washi tapes that are marketable to your target audience.

Custom Cutting Shape

Your die-cut washi tapes can be made in various shapes based on the patterns or graphics you provide to accomplish your specific business goals.

Highly Precise Cutting

We utilize cutting-edge digital cutting machines that can process each die-cut washi tape precisely at an accuracy of 0.1mm.

High Maximum Cutting Length

The high cutting length of our die-cut washi tapes can reach 300mm, which contributes to efficient and accurate cutting

Wide Applications

The use of etching knives allows for finer cuts and avoids deckle paper edges during the cutting process, ensuring smooth tape edges.

Why Choose us

The Quality of Momo Washi Won't Let You Down

Momo Washi has a strict QC system that beings with carefully screening all raw materials sourced from our trusted partners up to the complete inspection of finalized washi tapes. We have QC inspectors with 10 years of experience and the latest QC equipment to conduct all tests and inspections, ensuring the quality of your die-cut washi tapes. 

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