Glitter Washi Tape

Striking and Attractive Glitter Washi Tapes

Glitter washi tape is sparkling and striking as a decorative item and thus has gained wide popularity in holiday decorating, gift wrapping, and card making. 

Momo Washi is a dependable glitter washi tape manufacturer, providing decorative glitter washi tapes that have an appropriate adhesive strength to stick to most surfaces. Through our comprehensive customization service, we can create custom glitter washi tapes with various colors, sizes, and patterns that appeal to your target audience. Contact us today!

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Distinctive Glitter Washi Tapes Make You Standout

The qualities of our glitter washi tapes, as detailed below, makes them appealing to a wide range of audience. 

Creative Artsy Finish

Each of our tapes comes with a striking finishing and elaborate texture, adding a flair of luxury and high class to your glitter washi tapes.

Non-Shed Glitter

Through our skills and craftsmanship, we create glitter washi tapes with non-shed glitters and lasting sparkling effect.

Glittering Effect

The glitter on our glitter washi tape has vibrant and bright colors that can catch the attention of your potential buyers.

Moderate Stickiness

The adhesive formula we use makes it easy to remove our glitter washi tapes without leaving any sticky residue on the surface.

Why Choose us

Continuous Product Updates Cater to Your Target Market

Momo Washi keeps on developing new finishing techniques and is always updated with the latest washi tape trends. Through the efforts of our R&D team collecting customers’ feedback, we can forecast the market demand on glitter washi tapes and other products to give your business a better standing than your competitors. 

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