Clear Tape

Premium Clear Tapes in Great Demand

Feeling as clear and plastic-like as scotch tape, our clear tapes possess greater strength and come in diverse colors, rich patterns, and finishes. Appearing neat and sturdy, our tapes can be easily cut into various shapes with scissors.

We process premium materials within our high-end machinery to make wholesale printed clear tapes at large volumes within short lead times. We have you covered with our OEM/ODM services.

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Distinctive Clear Tapes Make You Standout

Not easily torn by hand, our tapes are durable enough to stick to any surface without being greatly affected by temperature or the environment.

Excellent Transparency

Utilizing premium PET or PVC films achieves high transparency for our printed clear tapes, giving them a clear appearance that makes for excellent decoration.

Convenient Cutting and Collaging

With transparent release paper, our printed clear tape is formed to be easily cut into any size according to different needs.

Abrasion Resistance

Tested for their long-lasting structure, our tapes do not easily tear or discolor under any environment, showing that they withstand impact and abrasion.

High-Temperature Resistance

For wider applications, we make sure our tapes can maintain their stickiness and be used in high-temperature environments for a longer time.

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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Washi Tapes

Paying much attention to environmental protection and sustainability in every production, we make our printed washi tapes eco-friendly and odor-free. Boost your brand identity as an eco-friendly enterprise with our sustainable washi tapes that are certified by RoHS, ISO, FSC, SGS, and BPI.

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