Foil Washi Tape

Upscale Foil Washi Tapes with Glossy Effect

An exquisite and graceful exterior enhances the artistry of our foil washi tapes, making them popular decorative and adhesive choices for your market.

As your leading foil washi tape manufacturer, Momo Washi uses high-end foil printing techniques to maintain lasting foil and glossy metallic textures. Through our advanced factory, we produce custom foil washi tapes within deadlines. Order now at an MOQ of 50 rolls.

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Distinctive Foil Washi Tapes Make You Standout

With a clean foil and great stickiness, our foil washi tapes flaunt both attractiveness and functionality that will impress your market.

Foil Finishing

Through our protective metal coating, our foil washi tapes possess impressive three-dimensionality via bronzing graphics and text that give off a great decorative effect.

Durability & Lastingness

To maintain longevity, we provide special coating on the surface to make our tapes resistant to wear and foil peeling-off.

High Tensile Strength

Our washi tapes come with high tensile strength, moderate thickness, and strong stickiness to keep our tape in place without warping.

Strong Stickiness

Lasting stickiness helps keep our washi tapes in place, being easy to reposition. Our tapes’ durable structure offers protection to any surface they are embedded on.

Why Choose us

Exquisite Craftsmanship Improves Your Competitive Edge

Aiming to be ahead of our peers, we pay attention to every little detail in our cutting-edge craftsmanship. Customizing the effects and texture of our tapes ensures that you can attract wider customer attention. Following this high-end process is essential to making excellent washi tapes and helping brands stand apart.

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