February 13, 2022

Why Do People Like To Use Washi Tape For Hand Accounts?


In hand accounts, washi tape is usually used for decorative purposes and can be used for page decoration, replacing pictures as illustrations, collage typesetting, making borders, and large-area background rendering. Nowadays, more and more people choose washi tape for hand accounts. Why?


Why do most people who like to do hand accounts like to use washi tape?

The first is its aesthetics.

A large number of styles and colors can meet the needs of most people who do hand accounts. When you make a hand account, you must want to dress up the book beautifully. The hand account with tape is like a rough house being decorated.

The second is its practicality.

Many people who do hand accounts do not know how to draw or think that drawing is too troublesome, so they simply use tape instead. In the hands of college masters, the patterns pasted with washi tape are not inferior to many illustrations.

The other is its durability.

A roll of standard washi tape is about 3-5 meters long, and the hand account is only such a small book, so one roll can be used for a long, long time! Stock up a lot of goods and put them on the workbench, there will be a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Advantages of washi tape

⭕Low viscosity, can be peeled off repeatedly

Most of the washi tapes are not very viscous, you can peel them repeatedly until you are satisfied. It is worth noting that this is based on the premise of the tape width. The width of washi tape varies from 0.7cm to 10cm. Basically, the wider the tape, the larger the area, the worse the flatness of repeated tearing.

⭕Wide variety

Unlike seals, there are as many types of washi tape as the stars in the sky, and any pattern and theme can be made into a tape.

⭕Easy to store and carry

Whether it is rolled or divided, the washi tape is more convenient to store or carry than a seal. Buy one storage box to store many rolls.

Disadvantages of washi tape

❌Repetitive graphics can easily cause aesthetic fatigue

The length of washi tape varies, but generally speaking, even if you buy a sub-package, you can use it for some time. If you buy a pattern with a very bright theme, it is easier to cause aesthetic fatigue after two or three uses.

❌It takes time to trim patterns

Washi tape with a width of more than 3cm needs to be cut out with scissors for use when making a collage. Because of the stickiness of the tape itself, it takes some time to make a satisfactory layout.

❌Increase in paper thickness caused by the superposition

The tape itself has a thickness. Whether it is a separate college or a superimposed collage, it will add extra thickness to the paper, causing some potential writing inconvenience or making the hand account very bloated.

How to paste washi tape on the hand account?

Use washi tape like an agenda sticker

(1) Instead of sticky notes, fold at one end, making it easier to tear.

(2) Washi tape with a lot of writing space can record detailed information about the schedule such as time, and it can be pasted repeatedly without damaging the paper.

(3) Activities that last several days (for example: traveling, outing for training, etc.) can be taped all over so that you can grasp at a glance the days you are free or have arranged.

(4) Some tapes have shopping, eating, and other themed patterns on them, which can be directly torn off and pasted on the pocketbook, which is not only beautiful but also more economical than stickers.

(5) Instead of indexing, fold the tape in half and paste it on the first page of each month, which greatly improves the indexing power.

(6) As a cut-off mark, a small triangle can be cut with tape and attached to the lower right corner of the monthly calendar deadline.

To decorate the book spine of the hand account, two paper tapes, one wide and one narrow are required.

First, paste the wide one on the spine of the book, and then paste the narrow tape while exposing the wide tape, and it will be completed in 3-5 minutes.

It can store notes, stickers, and memos.

Need a transparent file folder and a roll of paper tape, cut out three right angles, a curved transparent plastic sheet, paste paper tape on both sides of the arc, and paste the paper tape on the opposite sides of the right angle.

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