February 15, 2023

Washi Rubber Stamp | How to choose a rubber stamp

Rubber Stamp Momo Washi

Whenever the need for rubber stamps arises, people think there aren’t any types. Any rubber stamp can fulfill the need and requirement effortlessly. But that is not the case. There are three types of rubber stamps:

  • Traditional rubber stamps,
  • Pre-ink rubber stamp and
  • Self-inking rubber stamp.

In this article, you will learn about the various types of rubber stamps and how to choose them correctly to fit the need and requirements to the fullest, whether in the office or at home.

Traditional Rubber Stamps

This is the most authentic, traditional, and economical type of rubber stamp. For the impression, you need a stamp pad. The rubber stamp is pressed on the stamp pad and then on the document for the impression. However, the stamp was losing its importance because of the time and space it took. But in recent times, the need for a traditional rubber stamp has been geared up as it can be used to stamp impressions of different ink colors.

Pre-inked Stamps

A pre-inked stamp produces a clear impression of the stamp. However, there has to be a pause between two consecutive stamps. It does not require the stamp pad, as the gel ink is molded into the impression. Pre-inked stamps have an oil base gel that makes them waterproof. There are two types of pre-inked stamps.

  • Gel pre-inked stamp: This type of stamp uses a gel system to imprint that dries immediately on glass paper.
  • Flash pre-inked stamp: In this type of pre-inked stamp, UV flash is used to imprint. The double foam technology allows holding ink for thousands of imprints.

Self-inking Stamps

Self-inking rubber stamps have a gel pad on top of it that can be refilled repeatedly. The use can be vigorous as it does not require time between two consecutive prints. The disadvantage is that the impression is more complex than a pre-inked stamp. Another thing to remember is that impression of a self-inking stamp can be easily washed off as it has water-based gel ink, compared to waterproof pre-inked stamps.

Which stamp is best for your need

The type of rubber stamp you need depends upon how you will use it, the intensity of the usage, the type of ink required for usage, like the color or texture of the ink, etc. Based on this, you can choose the stamp for your use.

  • If you want to use different colors of ink to produce the imprint of the same stamp or if you need to use the stamp for a long term without using them frequently, then traditional ink stamp is your choice as the pre-inked or self-inking stamps can dry up.
  • If you want to stamp for branding, pre-inked stamps should be used as they are waterproof and give crisp, clear impressions.
  • If you need a stamp for vigorous use, a self-inking stamp will suit you best.


Even though the types of rubber stamps are limited, choosing the right one for the job will help you in the long run. However, many people need to be aware of the types of rubber stamps and tend to get the wrong ones for the task.

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