March 21, 2023

Washi Clear Stamps | The World of Neat and Clear Stamps

Clear Stamps

Clear stamps are fast replacing the rubber stamps that we have today, and not without reason. For one, they are easier to align. For another, they are more presentable with their bold and dark prints. And finally, there is the fact that clear stamps use a lot less ink.

There, we hope that you are by now well convinced.

That said, we see some among you who are reading this right now and frowning. Don’t know what a clear stamp is? Never come across something like this? Then there you go. Here is a brief introduction for you.

A Little About Clear Stamps

Also known as acrylic stamps, these are stamps that one can see through, and are conveniently used in scrap books, journals, crafts and more.

Made of transparent photopolymer, these are easy to use and maintain. All you have to do is peel the backing, and stick the stamp on the surface that you want to.

Maintaining Your Clear Stamps

And like everything else, a clear stamp has its drawback too, namely the fact that it can deteriorate with time. But you can overcome this with the right amount of maintenance. And you can make a little effort, can’t you?

Make sure that you clean the stamp before placing it on any surface. And then, you need to pay a little attention to the kind of ink that you use, for you will have to face the consequences if you merely go by what is easily available and cheap.

Make sure that you store your clear stamps carefully and not dump it in one of your many drawers or shelves or they will soon not be of any use.

Keep them away from extreme temperatures and more than anything, from exposure to light.

Making Clear Stamps More Presentable

Okay, now that you are done with your creation of clear stamp, let’s see if we can do something more.

How about if we told you that you can make it more presentable, like giving it an attractive body.

That said, washi tapes are an attractive way of going about with. You had you? Well, now that you know, have a look at some of the best washi tapes that you can find available online today.

If you are confused about where to find the best washi tapes, read on.

Washi Tapes from Momo Washi

Let us tell you a little bit about Momo Washi, for you are likely to come across this page in your search for clear stamps

Now this is a brand of washi tapes that has been in operation for the past 15 years

The brand provides washi tapes that are not just strong and reliable but also very interesting as they come in a lot of unique and attractive designs, of which you yourself need to go and have a look. There are printed, die cut, raised and even clear tapes that you can choose from, according to what best suits your needs and you.

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