April 24, 2023

Why is the Washi tape so popular?

Washi Tape

The popularity of washi tape is at an all-time high because it comes in various designs and colors, making it possible for anyone to discover washi tape that fits their preferences. Why is washi tape so much better than regular tape? Everyone can discover a design that they like, and they can utilize that design across a variety of mediums and applications. From the more conventional patterns found on Japanese washi tape to the cutest & most endearing figures, botanical washi, antique washi, floral motifs, culinary themes, and more! 

You can design a doodle set consisting of ten rolls of washi paper, each including cute and quirky doodles to inject colorful ideas into the artwork process.

Instructions for applying washi tape in the planner you have

Specific individuals use the washi as a component, holding other pieces of paper, whereas others use the washi to construct sections & lines to write on in their planner or bujo. Washi may be used for a variety of purposes in both planners and brujos.

The sweets & plants washi from the doodle washi set was utilized to highlight the days of the week in this vibrant calendar layout (mixed with pink and green, respectively, to bring it all together).

It would help if you looked for examples of planner styles you like and attempted to imitate the use of washi tape as a starting point. Over time, you’ll determine what complements your planning approach and preferences most effectively.

Washi tape is an essential component of bullet journals. Therefore a bujo kit is not considered complete unless it has at least one roll of washi.

Use washi tapes for journals.

If you enjoy creating art or trash journals, washi can be a valuable tool for you because it can be applied to the paper in the same manner as painter’s tape or wrapping paper to create crisp edges.

You can also include it in your designs by utilizing your washi to create patterns and texture for your pages.

Use washi tape for wrapping presents.

A nice touch that may be added to your gift wrapping is using a few contrasting colors. Because washi can be relocated, people frequently preserve the tiny bits of washi & reuse them on their notebooks or for other presents (it is a significant improvement over cello tape). This is an essential fact to keep in mind.

Make an entertaining and speedy design using some craft paper alongside one of our doodle washi tapes; then, add some finishing touches by tying a pretty bow, and you’re done!

The use of washi tape in painting

Have you ever seen those entertaining videos on Instagram showing people peeling off the masking tape? Have you observed that the majority of them utilize washi tape? Since painter’s tape may be rough on paper, several artists began experimenting with using washi tape to get neat edges on their work instead of painter’s tape.

Washi tape for decorating the walls

This application left us both speechless and dumbfounded, and we couldn’t believe it! You may use washi tape for hanging photographs on your wall or the door to your bedroom, but have you ever considered using washi tape to make a gorgeous design on a wall? That is brand new!

You could hang an art print with a starry theme using our starry night washi tape or a cutesy teapot art print with the desserts doodle washi tape, which features the ideal doodling for your artwork.

Washi tape is used for sealing envelopes.

In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity for the style of artistic expression known as “treating every letter that leaves your house as a newspaper spread.” This has introduced an entirely new dimension to designing and personalizing envelopes.


You can use washi tape to close envelopes, but you can decorate them and make them into works of art! To give the envelopes a one-of-a-kind appearance, you may use not solely washi but also a wide variety of stencils & stamps. Make use of watercolor for a splash of additional color and style!

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