February 13, 2022

Sharing the Trends of Stationery Market


In the past, most people will link stationery with pen, ruler, knife, eraser and schoolbag. But now there are numerous products with lovely images for students and at the same time stationery merchants are racking their brain to launch new products in novelty.

In the past, people use their pen to write but now more and more people said that it is the lovely appearance that persuade me to purchase because beautiful goods can make me happier. In my view, it is both the diversity of stationery and the mood-depending consumption idea causing the big gap between the past stationery and the recent stationery wider and wider. Let us have a deeper understanding on the new trends on stationery market.


Nowadays, there are countless pen knives alone with different designs such as animal shaped, cute and lovely shaped; Shellfish shaped, very delicate and chic. These unique crafts make them turn into delicate crafts attracting not only children but also adults. Craft designers spread out the wings of imagination, endowing original ordinary articles with a variety of beauty. Besides pen knifes, pen bag are also made of different fabrics, designs and shape as well as eraser with fruity flavour and distinctive shape and so on. Traditional stationery had hardly found in  the market already as the craft is gradually replacing it.

By the way the function of schoolbag is no longer just to hold books. In addition to the continuous updating of the fabric such as REPT backpack and Top Loader Backpack, the appearance of the bag also added an electronic watch, compass, vacuum massage on the back of the bag, and small pockets for placing water cups on both sides of the bag.

Higher level

Take a bag again for example, in addition to fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, but also designed large and small pockets so that the kettle, racket and other places. Some bags even equips with the function of   health care massage and correct back posture. Some merchants even launched 45L mountaineering backpack for students to take part in the outdoor activities such as spring outing. This manufacturer is professional in various kinds of backpacks such as compartment shoe beach bag also named shoe bag Dry wet depart bag. Even with eye-popping price tags on some products, sales of high-end stationery are booming. Especially on the eve of school, the sales of schoolbags, pen bags and all kinds of pens are the best. Most students buy schoolbags to recognize famous brands, and they also like to buy high-grade pens. They think these products have guaranteed quality and long service life.

More funning

The child curious about new thing, such funning stationery would be a great curiosity for these primary school students. For businesses, this creates a big market for them. A stationery store owner said, “Toy-based stationery is the best seller now because it is both a toy and stationery. They are fresh, fun and exciting, so they appeal to young children, especially at a time when school starts and supplies are often in short supply.”

If you are interested in stationery, please feel free to contact us. We are professional in various stationery such as bookmark, washi tape and so on.

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