February 15, 2023

Washi Memo Pad | What Are the Benefits of Using a Memo Pad

Memo Pad Momo Washi

Writing more can help you in multiple ways, and a memo pad is just the thing you need to make writing easy and fun. Furthermore, a memo pad is pocket friendly and can be carried wherever you want to.

Aids memory

Writing down the stuff that you want to remember helps in two ways:

  1. It will allow looking back and referring.
  2. Writing it down automatically makes your brain remember the thing even without looking at it again. With the help of a memo pad, one can jot down important topics, events, or anything very quickly daily. Writing this down will become complicated if you take out a big notebook or planner.
  3. While standing, writing on a memo pad is more accessible than notebooks where you need support.

Distraction Eliminator

Some things come up in our minds that catch our attention and distract us from an important task. Writing it down on a memo pad gets those topics off your head, and you can refer to them later to pay attention to them.

Communication Device

If you want someone to remember something, write it down, tear the page, and give it to them. They are more likely to remember the thing when they have it written on a physical piece of paper instead of just a notification on the phone.

Location-based reminders

Location-based reminders are handy and beneficial if made into a habit. For example, you must remember to bring something from the market, and then keep the paper in the shopping bag. This way, when you take the shopping bag to the market later, you will remember to bring it along. Need to ask something to a teacher, place the paper in the notebook of that class.


Consistency is the key to having a healthy habit of writing. Using the memo pad once in a while is not that beneficial. In the beginning, developing the habit may seem difficult for many of us, but you must be consistent and write something about it daily. For example, planning your day’s schedule and writing it down or writing the ideas you have in mind for a project or event, etc.

Temporary storage

The memo pad acts as a temporary storage. It would be best if you kept in mind that only the things that need to be remembered for a short term has to be written on the memo pad. For example, the schedule of a day or an idea for a project needs to be given to the planner. Anything you need to keep with you for a longer term has to be written in a more secure and permanent place, like a planner, notebook, or app. Once you finish with a particular thing written on the memo pad, you tear the page off.


The memo pad may need to be updated for today’s tech-savvy generation. But the uses and benefits of a memo pad are numerous, and developing the habit of writing more on the memo pad will help you in the long run.

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